Made for individuals.
Not skin types.


We’re reinventing skin care with clean, uncomplicated curations designed around you. Because one-size-fits-all fits none.

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Why Kura?

Serious personalization

You shouldn’t have to settle for a cookie cutter recommendation. It’s why we start by getting to know your skin, environment, sensitivities and the goals that matter to you—so that we can build your curation around what makes you unique, and give you the info you need to make it yours.

Better ingredients

We’re committed to safety and sustainability. It’s why we only carry products that are cruelty-free, reef-safe, and clean—free from toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils and octinoxate. We seek out simple and superfood-rich formulas and partners committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Modern convenience

We do things differently. No salespeople. No guesswork. No drama. Just personalized products, clear instructions, and curations that adapt to your needs. It’s easy to skip, change or cancel your subscription, and shipping is free. We make it our job to make it easy for you.

Skin care feels harder than it should be. I learned that after years sorting through must have lists and misinformation, and testing “miracle” ingredients in an attempt to sort out my dry, breakout-prone skin. Figuring it all out was time consuming and disheartening, so I decided to build a better way.

I founded Kura to make skincare simple, personal and more enjoyable. With us, you’ll never have to wonder whether you’re using the right products or whether you’re using them the correctly, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

Katrina Moreno LewisFounder and CEO