Custom Skin Care Gift Set

Gifting without guesswork

Few things are as universally loved as a skin care gift set. But why settle for one-size-fits-all kits? For birthdays, Mother's Day, graduation or the holidays, Kura gift routines are customized specifically for your someone special.

Why they'll love it

Breakouts? Wrinkles? Dry Skin? Sensitivity? All of the above? We’ve got you. A Kura routine means that you don’t have to guess at their skin type or what products they’ll like. That's because every product is personalized for their skin only. Best of all, you never have to worry about quality—we only carry clean, non-toxic, cruelty-free products from the most trusted brands. It’s all you'll need for a stress-free gift and everything they’ll need to get glowing.   

Gift tiers

The gift value you select is equivalent to the value of all the products we curate in a gift routine. Our Basic Routines are best for keeping unproblematic skin healthy and include a Cleanser, Moisturizer and SPF. Bigger budgets allow us to curate more products, including treatments, and premium formulas.

For their skin only

We'll analyze over 1,000,000 potential skincare routine combinations and identify the best match for your giftee's unique characteristics, goals, climate, sensitivities and budget. What they'll be matched with is skincare that's custom curated for their individuals needs. 

More than just products

Every customized gift routine ships with a step-by-step, personalized instructions card that shares a little more about their best products and how and when to use them. Products also arrive with a Skin 101 guide that has all the best practices and info they need to take care of their skin—no preexisting skin savviness needed. Everything will be neatly packaged in our signature box, which has their name hand-written on the inside. That's how we make skin care gifting personal. 

    When you buy a gift routine there are no hidden fees or charges for your giftee—you've taken care of everything. All they need to do is redeem it.

    Instructions for your giftee:
    1.  Head to and click "Get Started"
    2.  Take our quiz and hit "Complete" at the end
    3.  Create an account using an email address or by logging in with a Facebook or Google account. Now we have your Skin Profile saved!
    4.  Finally, send us an email at to let us know you're ready for your routine. Make sure to include the full name and email address of the person who's sent you the gift you and your mailing address.

    You're done. In just a few days a custom routine will be on your doorstep.