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  • 12 Custom Skincare Brands Taking Your Beauty Routine Into The Future

    March 2021

    “The brains in the beauty world are teaming up with scientists to create formulas with your specific skin concerns in mind...Yes, we’re talking products literally made to meet your needs.

    Clean beauty lovers, we've got you with this pick."

  • The Clean Rush: When It Comes To Skin Care Less Is Suddenly More

    March 2021

    “With so much clean newness out there, how can skin-care junkies sift through it all to find the true gems? Kura Skin can make selection easier.

    After filling out a Skin Profile — an algorithm that draws from one million-plus possibilities and takes into account age, skin type and local climate — and deciding how much you want to spend, you’ll be paired with [your best] products."

  • “Stitch Fix For Skincare”: New E-Tailer Kura Skin Makes It Easy To Put Together Skincare Routines

    July 2020

    “You can think of our model a little bit like Stitch Fix for skincare. We use a customer skin profile to match individuals to the best collection of products for their needs and budget. What we send is intended to deliver all the products you need to care for your skin plus a personalized instruction card and skincare 101 guide so that anyone, regardless of their skincare knowledge, can hit the ground running.”

  • 20 Sustainable Gifts to Give and Get on Earth Day Because the Planet Deserves Better

    April 2021

    "Ever sign up for a beauty box only to find out the products don't work for you? Meet the smart + clean curated skincare box Kura. One quiz creates your personalized non-toxic routine, based on age, climate and skin type. Plus each product pick is meant to work for your skin, meaning less waste (and tossing unused goods)."

  • To Buy Or Not To Buy: New Beauty Newnes‪s

    April 2021

    "They kind of nailed it for me.

    They’re providing you an excellent service of matching you with great products and taking away the stress of choosing those products. A lot of people do not enjoy shopping for skincare—they just want good products that are going to work and they want someone else to do it for them. And that’s what this is, which is really really smart. And I was really really impressed with the service and really impressed with the product.

    This is a really cool thing and you should totally check it out if you need a skincare overhaul and you want someone else to do the hard work for you."

  • An Effective Clean Beauty Routine Adapted To Your Budget Is Possible Thanks To This Latina Entrepreneur

    March 2021

    "Kura Skin is very easy to use. First you answer questions. Then you choose how much you want to spend and an algorithm is in charge of analyzing all your data to find the products that best suit you within your budget. In a couple of days you will receive your personalized routine at home, with instructions for use. In addition, with your feedback, in the next shipment they will send you new formulas to further improve your experience.

    If you want to enjoy a clean and 100% personalized beauty routine, visit and start showing off healthy skin."

  • Breaking Beauty News

    May 2021

    "Looking for clean beauty personalized to your specific skincare needs? Look no further than Kura Skin. Just take their skincare quiz, and let their AI-based, smart algorithm do the rest."

  • Do You Really Need A Skincare Fridge?

    June 2021
  • 8 Absolutely Perfect Gifts To Give A Friend Who Is Expecting A Baby

    June 2021

    "Pregnancy and postpartum can wreak havoc on skin due to stress, fluctuating hormones, and even changes in diet. Kura is the perfect solution because the skin care regimen is customized to someone's exact needs. For expecting people, the site will automatically eliminate products with salicylic acid and retinoids to ensure they are super safe!"

  • Here’s How To Get The Perfect Summer Skin Glow In 2021

    July 2021

    "Kura analyzes your age, location, existing product usage, skin types and concerns through a proprietary, high-tech algorithm to build your own skincare routine. You won’t end up with a drawer full of samples you’ll never touch, or worse, a product that irritates your skin. Kura only curates nontoxic, cruelty-free, nutrient-dense, effective indie brands for healthy, glowing skin."

  • Don't Miss Out On These Spectacular Gifts For Dad

    May 2021

    "This company will evaluate exactly what your skin needs, because Dad needs the best products, too."

  • How One Data-Driven Brand Is Looking To Personalize Your Acne Routine

    July 2021

    What makes this system unique is the curation process. For each customer, the products have been carefully tuned to resolve their acne needs in a gentle and thoughtful way. This approach looks at acne as a whole in order to create balance without provoking any flare-ups.

  • These Custom Skin-Care Brands Will Help You Tailor Your Routine

    July 2021

    If you like the idea of personalized skin care but would choose the chance to try out new brands over having a custom formulation, you should go with Kura...It's like having a skin-care-obsessed friend act as your personal shopper.

  • Kura Skin Makes Skincare Simple

    July 2021

    "Launched in 2020, Kura Skin’s mission is to help customers find the skin care products best suited for their needs. The company purpose is to eliminate the guesswork many people go through before finding the product that is best suited for their skin."

  • The best beauty subscription boxes, from makeup to skincare

    August 2021

    "Factors like the climate you live in, what season it is, your age, hormones, and sensitivities all play a role in how your skin looks, feels, and responds to the world around you. Kura takes all of this information and more into consideration when creating your personalized box."